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October 30th, 2023

13 Last Minute Halloween Recipes

Fast Halloween recipes to save you time.

Halloween is tomorrow and we’ve curated some perfectly spooktacular last-minute recipes.   Whether you’re scrambling to get festive for the family, hosting an adult Halloween party, or just chilling in front of the TV in your favorite vampire outfit,  These recipes will have you looking like the ghostess with the mostess.


Oranges & Bananas

For last minute no bake solutions we absolutely adore this healthy snack idea. For the oranges, simply peel some small cuties and insert thin slices of greenapple.

For the banana, peel and cut them to be of similar size. Use mini chocolate chips to push in for eyes. 

Spooky Bread

Do you always have ingredients on hand to make loaves?  This is a really fun way to get some festive bites in for the family and serve it as a side dish.



Scream Themed Cheese Platter

Halloween Cheese Platter


Shrunken Potato Heads

These couldn’t be any easier or more hilarious. We love the idea of a baked potato dinner with DIY toppings.


Stop by the store for some pre-made guac and whip this out to awe your friends and fam.

Mozzarella and Olive Eyes

Gummy Kabobs

If you live near a dollar store these gummy kabobs would be perfect by themselves or in a drink for decor.

Monster Rice Krispies

I have easily found all of these items at a large grocery store like Publix, Kroger, Ralphs, or Key Foods.

Oreo and Reese’s Bats

Bring together two of the most popular treats, reeses cups and oreos for a quick and easy dessert display.

Bloody Cinnamon Roll Guts

Kid Friendly Halloween Punch

Hocus Pocus Margarita

Witches Brew Black Sangria


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