How the Straps Interchange

Change Your Shoes in a Snap

Just slip the strap over the heel of your shoe and push the hole down onto our patented stud. That's it!

We've made it super easy by labeling the straps right (R) and left (L) and designing a curve to mark the direction the strap should face.

See it in Action

Sometimes it's easier to see it done. Here we are taking the Marilyn strap on and off the pointed loafers.

alterre customizable shoes - remove the straps to create a new shoe - white boot + oakley
Changing Straps on Boots

Adding a strap to our boots takes a tiny bit more work, but it's totally worth it! Pull the strap over the front of the shoes, fold the boot down, pull the strap through, adjust it into place, and snap the hole onto the stud.