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Why We're Blogging

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has initiated our long standing desire to open a discussion within our community. After months of debating whether there was time to start a blog, make interviews, or learn a new task... it seems the small nuances of entrepreneurship no longer override the need to unite in unprecedented times.  

Writing has always been a weak subject in school for me and I hope our readers can look beyond any incorrect writing structures to value the content we intend to put out there. 

Throughout the next several weeks I'll be hosting interviews with other entrepreneurs  regarding their struggles amidst COVID-19. I'll also be expanding into more focused discussions spanning from general small business topics to how we care for the community and honestly anything else I feel of value discussing with all of you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with feedback or just say hello! We are all in this together.

with sincerity,



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