Calling All the Fabulous Ladies: Five Ways to Celebrate The Women in Your Life

Contributor: Katelyn Chef

So, Galentine’s Day is a few short days away (Sunday, February, 13th) and if you think it is just a cutesy holiday to bypass, you’d be mistaken. In fact, while this day is lovely, frilly, and of course, pink, it is also a day to appreciate the fab ladies in your life. Whether your roommate is the bee’s knees, or your granny is an OG trailblazer, this is the day to let them know what a boss babe you think they are. 


Luckily, we adore all things pink, but we are also big believers that women can do anything. In celebration of Galentine’s Day, we curated a list of five ways to celebrate and appreciate the gals in your life. Woo-Woo. 


  1. Bake Something Sweet: Often, the way to show affection is through someone’s stomach. Luckily, there is just the best recipe to bake for that special Chica in your Vida. We are drooling over the Best Chocolate Cake recipe from Brit.Co. It is infused with baked pears, a moist chocolate cake sponge, and topped with a chocolate ganache.  So delicious it's almost illegal.   
  2. Make a Self-Care Basket: As winter roars on, we all can benefit from some self-care. Creating a pretty basket that weaves elements of physical pampering (bath salts, a cozy robe) and mental health props (a journal, gift card to download a meditation app) can really go a long way. As you make a basket up for your femme phenom, make one up for yourself too and spend some quality time together. 
  3. At-Home Dinner Date: Is there a meal-delivery kit you’re dying to try? Order your most desired meal prep kit to cook with your favorite lady at home. Here you can catch up while the stove is simmering and turn on your favorite chick flick while doing the dishes. Hey, it’s a date. 
  4. Call Don’t Text: This one sounds basic, but it may be the most important way to celebrate the special lady in your life. Naturally, we text mom like 100 times a day, but how often do we call her? Having a long chat with mom on the phone is a special thing to do. During the pandemic, we all learned not to take human connection for granted. Let’s get back to talking to each other again. 
  5. DIY Gifts: Whenever you make something, it really means so much more. Crafting a heart-emoji-inspired  Valentine clutch (from Aww Sam) is just what your favorite girlfriend ordered. Pro-tip, fill the clutch with her favorite candies and lip balm. She’ll love it for sure!  


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