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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Staples

contributed by Katelyn Chef

If you’re like us, you re-use and recycle. Whether you’re still re-using that plastic tub from the deli down the street or (still) feeling guilty for forgetting your canvas grocery tote from the other day’s grocery run, we are all trying to live a little more earth-conscious. 

While it’s not realistic to go all Pioneer Woman overnight, making greener (smarter) changes to the products we buy is a good place to start. Often, we blog about sustainable solutions and we’re back with another, eco-friendly kitchen staples.


  1. Compost Bin: Composting your table/cooking scraps can help eliminate about 50% of waste in landfills. While composting sounds all Joanna Gains, it’s something any household can do. Before you compost, you’ll have to get yourself a sweet little compost bin. This stainless steel compost bin from the Package Free Shop is a winner-winner vegan dinner choice.

 A woman in a yellow sweater putting her leftovers into a metal compost bin

  1. Vegan Dish Washing Block: We all know plastic bottles don’t do the earth any favors. If you look at your kitchen soap, chances are it's inside a plastic bottle. Zero Waste Outlet’s No Tox Life, Vegan Dish Washing Block eliminates the plastic bottle, but cuts to through grease and grim like an eco-boss. Plus, it's meant to last 2-6 months!


  1. Reusable Food Covers: We don’t know about you, but we’re still in the banana bread baking lane. Storing your leftovers doesn’t have to clutter landfills as there are reusable food covers to try. Take The Earthing Co’s reusable food covers, they come in a six pack.

reusable silicone food covers you can stretch over various sized bowls and containers 

  1. Refillable All Purpose Cleaner Spray Bottle: Yep, we’re still disinfecting every hour, at the top of the hour while we work from home. It only makes sense to keep your cleaning solutions inside a refillable spray bottle. The ones from Cleancult come in an array of fun colors.


  1. Ceramic Egg Tray: Is it just us or are green-products way cuter than traditional products? Take this ceramic egg tray from Zero Waste Store. It’s much slicker than your traditional cardboard egg carton.

 Picture of half a dozen eggs resting inside a white ceramic egg holder

  1. Beeswax Snack Bags: Forgoing packing your gluten free pretzels inside a one-time use baggie is a smart choice to make. Instead, pack them inside snack bags made from beeswax. We love the ones from Tru Earth, they come in a one four pack (2 mediums, 2 larges).


  1. French Press: The one-time use plastic coffee pods are less-than wholesome. Instead, try French Pressing your morning java. Aside from cutting back on your plastic use, there are some gorgeous French Press carafes out there. We adore this gray 850 ml ceramic French Press from Ardent Goods.  

 A beautiful family having breakfast while the mother pours coffee out of her french press.

If you have any of these green kitchen products or have green kitchen essentials of your own to recommend, slip into our Instagram DMs @alterreny


"Look after the land and the land will look after you, destroy the land and it will destroy you." – Aboriginal Proverb


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