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Five Aspirational Females Who Inspire Us

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Contributor: Katelyn Chef

Coming off the heels of February, which was Black History Month, we are sashaying into March which is Women’s History Month. There are so many aspirational and awesome women, past and present making their voices heard to inspire a change in the world.


In 1869, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony spoke up against the 15th Amendment as women as it ignored women’s voting rights. Of course, there was Cher who pushed the envelope as one of the first females to bare her mid-drift on primetime in the early 1970s.


There are many things we are passionate about here at Alterre. We love beautiful (and interchangeable) shoes, supporting the environment, and of course, empowering strong women. So much so, we named a few of our shoes and versatile shoe straps are these gals. Who are they and why do we adore them? Read on, girl power!


  1. Marilyn in Gold: Today, if Marilyn Monroe was still living, she’d be 95 years old and we are sure still a blonde bombshell. While Marilyn is coveted for her hourglass curves, we shall forever love Norma Jeane Baker's iconic red lip and blonde hair, but she was known to be very philanthropic with her Hollywood fortune. According to, she gave often (and still today) to charities such as March of Dimes and the Milk Fund for Babies.  
    Marilyn Monroe
  2. The Jackie: First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wasn’t only a fashion icon or a supportive wife, she was a writer and photographer. We admire the fact that while she was an extremely wealthy woman, she continued to work, as she was 31 when she became the First Lady in 1961.
    Jackie Onassis
  3. Billie Holiday: Is it a Sunday morning if you don’t play a Billie Holiday album? We think not. Billie was a femme force in the American Jazz and Swing era. She was nicknamed Lady Day. We admire Billie’s desire to make it in the music business despite a life filled with hardship.  
    Billie Holiday
  4. Twiggy: The 1960s were iconic for many reasons, the English model, Twiggy was a big part of it. Maybe it was her pixie haircut, slender frame, or fanned-out lashes, but Twiggy’s cultural presence is still with us today. Twiggy has worked with PETA, Cruelty-Free International, Animal Aid, & other charitable foundations, which makes her beautiful inside and out.
  5. Annie Oakley: Annie Oakley was one of the first females to prove a woman can hang with the boys. Of course, this was back in the 1800s and early 1900s, but Annie was a pioneer, she was a sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. In fact, she used her money to provide for her family and pay off her mother’s mortgage.


Of course, we know that these are only five out of many (many) women past and present making room for change. Let’s start a conversation in the comments on Instagram, on the females you look up to. We’d love to look up to them as well. #girlpower.  ###


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