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Five Ways to Slow Down and Savor Summertime


 Whether you spend 92 days (that’s how many days are in summer) dipping your big toe into your neighbor’s pool or slurping rainbow slushies from the gas station down the road, summer is always fleeting. Why is summer always in a hurry? Who really knows. Summer is effervescent while at the same time, summer is mysterious.


One thing that isn’t a mystery is that we are BIG fans of summer around here. In fact, we tend to squeeze every last thirst-quenching drop out of summer. No worries, we are happy to share, there is plenty of the most splendid season to go around. Below, see our tips to savoring every ounce of summer.


Stay Cool

 Adults dipping their feet at a pool with funny sunglasses and pineapples

Whether you’re celebrating #hotgirlssummer or are just really hot (the humidity is intense) staying cool is one way to make the most out of the season. Naturally, heading to a pool is an ideal way to beat the scorching heat. However, if you’re lucky enough to live near a shore, planning a fun long weekend getaway is the ticket. Just be sure to practice safe water safety measures!


If a large body of water isn’t an option, try inflating an adult size inflatable pool. Sure, pools are cool but life-size sprinklers are just as awesome.  


If you’re a New Yorker, the city offers a variety of ways for residents to stay cool. A list of NYC’s cooling locations can be found here, but city dwellers can beat the summer sun at a variety of cooling stations as well as misting stations.


Street Corn

 Elote, small cut corncobs on a dish with seasoning and lime.

Maybe it’s because we are all chefs thanks to the pandemic, or maybe it is due to the fact that there is a longing for travel, but Mexican street corn is having a (hot) summer moment.


Before you run off on looking for the food truck man for a sizzling summer fling, you can totally grill Mexican street corn at home too.


We love this simple recipe for tangy and creamy Grilled Mexican Street Corn (Elote) from Simply Recipes, it’s super easy to master. However, we totally understand the desire to pursue a steamy summer romance with the food truck guy though.


Family Time

 Summer Glamping Family Road Trip with two pairs of adult feet sticking out of a tent and one pair of children's feet.

As if we didn’t get enough family time over the past year, but hey, family is everything right? Spending time with your family as well as members you don’t get to see day to day is another grand way to extend those summer days and fun summer evenings.


Since things are opening up, hitting the road with the fam-bam can be a great way to explore and spend quality time together. US News and Report curated 12 Top Family Camping Trips, ideas, and Campgrounds for you to book asap!


Personally, after reading this article, glamping in a safari tent sounds delightful!


Summer Evenings

 summer bbq with friends clinging stemless wine glasses | Alterre

The best part about the 92 glorious days of summer is that the days are long, but so are the nights. Making the most out of your summer evenings can often be the highlight of summertime. A few of our favorite summer evening activities are:


  • Talking on the front porch with friends/family
  • Having campfires with toasted treats
  • Hosting/attending a friend evening cookout
  • Late-night skinny dip (shh!)
  • Drive-In movie night
  • Telling ghost stories
  • Flashlight tag
  • Lightning bug-catching
  • Watching fireworks from the hood of your car


Bracelet Weaving

 super cute woven bracelets

Once September rolls her tanned caboose in, and you don’t have an arm stacked with woven bracelets, did summer even happen?


Jokes aside, making colorful bracelets during summer acts as a reminder of fun times had once winter rears her icy head. Watching this YouTube video will not only inspire but educate you on how-to-create your own flamboyant stack. 


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