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Founders Stories: Working From Home with Shilpa

Contributor: Shilpa Iyengar


As most companies did during the pandemic, we closed our office in NY and started working from home. I loved being remote so much that I actually became nomadic and Harmony started a brand new chapter in LA. More recently I've settled down in Miami, which is close to where I grew up and my family is. I think the pandemic really shifted my perspective about how I spend my time and even though I sometimes miss the hustle culture of NYC, I'm glad to spend more quality time with my family and have a better work/life balance. 

So this all being said, let me tell you about a day in my life. I wake up around 8 am and read the news for about an hour. I am not a morning person so this usually gets my brain moving and ready for the day. 

Then I head downstairs and make a cup of chai for a caffeine boost. Around this time, the community cat that lives in our backyard shows herself and waits by the window until I bring food out. Where we live in Coconut Grove is actually known for its community cats and everyone cares for them. There are actually about 6 of them, but this one seems to have adopted us as her caretaker. We affectionately call her Boogie because the cats are almost identical and she is the only one that has frequent nasal congestion. 

My husband Max also works from home so we usually have breakfast together and then get going with our days. I usually post up with my laptop in our office room, but if it's nice out (which it is getting now that it is October) I work outside in our garden. Sometimes Boogie even keeps me company while I work.

I take a break for lunch and make something healthy like salad. Max and I usually have lunch together and chat about our days. It's nice because he is also an entrepreneur and we bounce off ideas or commiserate on frustrations we may be having.  

On this particular evening I'm heading out to yoga with Max. I'm lucky because I live walking distance to the downtown area and Biscayne Bay. 

I try to make evening plans or at least take a walk at sunset on the marina so there is a natural stopping point to the work day. If not, I know I will just keep going until 8pm or later!

After yoga we usually have dinner, sometimes at our favorite pizza place downtown (they're almost as good as in NY). And then I just get prepped for the next day. In this case I'm packing up my dive bag for the weekend. I recently became dive certified and Max and I have been driving down to the keys on weekends to dive the reefs. 

Our nightly ritual is watching a new episode of one of the many programs we follow. We really live in the golden age of TV and Max and I definitely take advantage. Right now we are watching Loki!


PS - If you want to know what shoes I was wearing today, it was the Denim Lo Twist Sandal + Red Gloss Twiggy. A great slip on shoe for living in tropical weather, doing things around the house, and taking a quick walk downtown.


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