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Meet Janelle Abbott

A behind the scenes look at life as a small business owner in the fashion and art industries with Janelle Abbott, founder of Wardrobe Therapy and Femail Forever.

Janelle and I first met at Parsons the New School for Design in the sustainable section of the Fashion department. Watching our careers develop alongside our friendship throughout the years has been incredible.  I have so much respect for her commitment to zero waste design and one-of-a-kind pieces celebrating individuality.

Below is our full length discussion about how she's doing as an artist and designer in Seattle amidst everything going on due to COVID-19. She also gives a delightful insight into her newest collection Ugly House On the Prairie.



*** This recording was initially done before sheltor-in-place was enacted on New York City and at a time Seattle was still a major hotspot for the spread of COVID-19. The transparent truth for delaying this video is because I needed time to make sure our office in NY was prepared to close, in addition to ensuring my own personal safety and those around me. 


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