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Our Role in The Environment

Did anyone else read the articles talking about how the widespread shut-in-place has changed the amount of pollution in the air?

We did. Nasa has been monitoring air quality for years now but it's never felt as fascinating to us until now.  You can take a look here. There is clear and undeniable evidence of human impact on air quality in our area, which is New York City, and surrounding environments.

So where do we go from here?  As a small business striving to find ways to be sustainable, there seems to be even more urgency in the air (pun intended) to think about lasting changes we can make now.  Questions we're asking ourselves are:

  • How can we prepare for a quick recovery after the pandemic settles? 
  • How do we recover in a more thoughtful and environmentally way that does not contribute to our surrounding air quality returning to the way it was a few months ago?
  • What amount of time and cost are we able to put toward this after losing sales and thus income?
  • How do we engage the rest of the community and other small businesses into doing the same?
  • How can small business recover and put costs toward a more environmental and ethical future without sacrificing significant profit?

 These are all questions we're marination on and ideas are slowly developing. If you're reading this and have an idea or comment, we'd love to hear it! I'll be posting more in depth on each question as time progresses.


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