Our Pledge: Help Clean Up Ocean Plastic

support ocean plastic cleanup when you buy alterre shoesIn our ongoing mission to become more sustainable, we’ve teamed up with Verdn to support ocean plastic cleanup. For every pair of fabric Alterre shoes or straps sold, we pledge to help remove 80 bottles’ worth of ocean plastic (2 kg) from polluted rivers and shores in Southeast Asia and Africa through Empower AS. This plastic collection gives crucial income to local waste pickers that live in disadvantaged communities and you will be able to track your own unique impact after buying a pair.


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Why Ocean Cleanup?

More than 350 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year – half of which is intended for single use, and less than 10% of which is ever recycled. From this astronomic total, only about 2.3% ends up in the oceans, yet this still means that 8 million tonnes of waste are added every year; the equivalent of a garbage truck dumped every minute. The number is also growing rapidly, and it is estimated that plastic may outweigh fish in the ocean by 2050.