Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to Goals 8 and 12 from the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.


UN Sustainability development goal 8 - alterre shoesGoal 8
Our shoes are made at a factory in Sapiranga, Brazil that employs fair labor practices and pays their workers over minimum wage. We have visited the factory ourselves to ensure this is the case. They also provide a growth track for employees who wish to enter managerial positions or learn a different skill on the factory line. We source most of our materials from vendors local to the factory, from leather to the boxes our shoes are packaged in. This bolsters the local economy as well as reduces our carbon footprint at the sourcing stage. In addition, our factory has signed our ethics code certifying that they produce using our labor standards.
UN sustainbale development goal 12 - responsible consumption - alterre shoes
Goal 12
All of the heels in our shoes are made of recycled plastic. We predominantly design with block heels and the our stiletto is exposed metal to avoid having the virgin plastic required for such a thin heel. The factory also uses a laser cutting machine that uses AI to determine the best fit for patterns and reduces leather waste. We continue to design responsibly by foregoing plastic faux leathers and using innovative materials such as recycled denim as well as developing recycled paper shipping boxes for for a more sustainable future.